Technology Supremacy

Manufacturing products superior in quality is a company hallmark that we’ve meticulously crafted & maintained since the last 26 years. We employ ultra-modern machinery that helps us in delivering complexity & diversity across structures, technologically up to date & state of the art packaging solutions through a smooth & efficient production process for our progressive consumers. Enabling us to not only make scheduled deliveries, but also maintain & increase consumer satisfaction & build trust with each venture. We offer a wide assortment of technological variety in our products:

Various Laminates, Foil - Paper,Paper-Foil

Unsupported Foil/ Paper/ Thick Paper
Foil + PE Extrusion Lamination, Foil + 1/2 Coating, Coating

Paper Foil
Foil-Paper Extrusion Lamination, Water-based Adhesive lamination, Paper-Foil Coating

Cold Seal
BOPP-Pet-CS, BOPP-CS, Foil Paper CS, Paper Foil Paper CS

Beverages, Wrap Around for blow-molded containers

7 Layer Barrier Films
High Barrier Films with Nylon, EVOH for UHT Milk, Vacuum Bags, Oil Film, Lidding Films

5 Layer POD Films
Bulk packs for Grains & Flour

Shaped Pouch
Pet/PE, PE/PE, BOPA/PE, Pet / Barrier PE

Spout Pouch
Pet/PE, PE/PE, Barrier Laminates

Shaped Spouted Pouch
Pet/PE, Pet/Barrier PE

Vacuum Pouches
Pet/Barrier PE, Pet/Nylon PE, PE/High barrier PE, CPP/Barrier PE, BOPA/Barrier PE

We’re essentially focused on developing innovative, sustainable & cost-efficient flexible packaging solutions. Backed by internationally acclaimed raw material providers & a belief to innovate beyond imagination is what drives us every day to strive to solve & satisfy the daily necessities of our consumers in a simple yet effective manner. The practicing of lean production systems helps in constantly optimizing operations by minimizing inventory & infrastructure costs