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Why Flexible Packaging is the Right Choice for Pharma and Healthcare Industry?

The pharma industry of India is currently valued at over $41.7 bn and is expected to reach $120 by 2030. It caters to 200+ countries globally and is also one of the largest vaccine producers in the world. This enormous industry needs packaging solutions that are strong and can withdraw weather and environmental conditions while reaching nations across the globe. Flexible packaging is undoubtedly one such alternative that can cater to the packaging needs of the Pharma industry. It can ensure that the medicine packed reaches without any contamination or damage to the user. Adding to that, it can also cater to attractive packaging solutions for specific kids’ healthcare supplements if needed.  

Reasons to Opt for Flexible Packaging for Pharma and Healthcare Industry

1.  Sustainable Packaging

  • In the past few years, even the global pharma industry is working towards shifting its product packaging to a more sustainable and environment-friendly alternative. There are multiple healthcare organizations and partnership agreements that are working towards more usage of sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions for the pharma and healthcare industry.
  • Flexible packaging as we know is manufactured using fewer resources and is a much more sustainable alternative as compared to rigid packaging. Due to its salient features, flexible packaging for the pharma industry is the best alternative. 

2.  Added Strength

  • When a person says flexible packaging, people often think of pouches at the core of it. But in reality, flexible packaging has a wide range of options that are quite sturdy and provides protection to the products. Packaging made from high-barrier films offers added protection and resistance to the inner products.
  • Certain medical equipment and appliances need packaging that offers moisture and air resistance. Flexible packaging is the best alternative in such cases. Adding to that, these packaging solutions are quite lightweight as compared to rigid packaging and can be transported easily.    

3. Maintaining Utmost Sterility

  • The one thing that cannot be compromised at any cost when it comes to packaging pharma and healthcare is sterility. They need to be developed in a very carefully monitored infrastructure that is maintaining all the hygiene standards and has the automation required to manufacture such packaging.
  • Laboratory products and medical supplies need to be manufactured as well as shipped keeping sterility at the core. That’s why it’s very important that partners for the packaging pharmaceutical industry choose to offer all of this.

4. Efficiency

  • When you decide to opt for flexible packaging, you have an endless sea of opportunities ahead of you. There are brands offering custom solutions based on your requirements.
  • Flexible packaging can be manufactured quickly as compared to rigid packaging and are also light in weight. They also have a high product-to-package ratio and are easy to transport. Packaging solutions like lay flat pouches, quad-style pouches and spout-shaped pouches offer versatility and make them an efficient choice for pharma packaging. 

Flexible Packaging Solutions by Kamakshi Suedpack

1. Contraceptives

  • We customize packaging that is sterile and safe in an extremely hygiene-controlled infrastructure.

2. Tissue & Wet Wipes

  • We offer packaging with resealable films that also retain the moisture and aroma of the tissues and wet wipes.

3. Diapers & Sanitary Pads

  • We customize flexible packaging solutions in a hygienically controlled environment and ensure the safety and sterility of the products.

4. Cosmetics

  • Our packaging ensures excellent chemical resistance and aroma-retention properties.

5. Nutritional Supplements

  • There is a wide range of flexible packaging solutions available with us nutritional supplements that ensure the inner product stays protected from moisture or oxygen.

6. Blister packs for Tablets & Capsules

  • We manufacture excellent multilayered structures designed for a highly sensitive range of pharmaceutical and generic medicines which are highly hygroscopic or light sensitive and cannot be suitably packed with barrier plastic films.

At Kamakshi Suedpack, we have a combined experience of 60+ years and German experts to assist us. The Suedpack group has been a proven partner for the medical, pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry since 1989 and is also one of the top 5 providers of sterile packaging solutions in Europe. Our new state-of-the-art infrastructure is well-equipped with all the modern machinery. This confluence of knowledge, technology and experts will help us to cater to all the complex requirements of pharma packaging. For your custom requirements, you can get in touch with our team.