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Why Flexible Packaging Is The Best Alternative For Pet Food

According to a report by IMARC, The global pet food industry is valued at US$ 112.87 Billion and is growing at a CAGR of 5.42%. The growth of pet parents in recent years is the reason behind the growth of this industry. Pets have gained a very important place as family members in recent times. This has led to the alarming growth of this industry. 

Advancements in Pet Food Packaging

Gone are the days, when there were limited options available for pet food. Here’s a list of recent advancements in the pet food packaging industry.

  • A wide range of packaging options for food, cosmetics, pet care and so on. 
  • Products specific to the breed, age and size of pets.
  • Demand for innovative and attractive packaging.
  • Variety of foods according to the pet type.

Regional Insights Based on the Demand for Pet Food

Though pet food packaging is gaining immense success, research suggests that North America is the leading region when it comes to the demand for pet food.

  • North America 
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa

Flexible Pet Food Packaging Trends

Packaging has undoubtedly played a great role in the growth of the pet food industry. Flexible packaging has paved the way in the supply of premium products. Here are a few trends of the flexible pet food industry that is loved by pets as well as their owners.

Freshness Intact

  • Based on research by Freedonia Group, pouches are the fastest growing and highest in demand when it comes to pet supplies. Manufacturing a packaging that is of just the right size and keeps the freshness intact is very important in the pet packaging industry.

Convenient and Pet-proof Packaging

  • Ranging from lay flat and stand-up pouches to custom pouches, today’s pet packaging options are endless. But most importantly they need to be convenient and pet-proof so they don’t get tampered with easily. 

Barrier Properties

  • Some of the pet food has perishable ingredients like meat and fish. Hence for a certain set of pet food, the packaging must offer extended shelf life. Not only, but it must also have excellent oxygen, heat and moisture resistance. Flexible packaging offers great barrier properties and makes it a better alternative as compared to rigid packaging. 

Branding Opportunities

  • Flexible packaging offers a plethora of branding opportunities. In recent times, even pet owners and manufacturers are looking for packaging that is attractive, innovative and convenient. That’s why more and more brands are adopting Flexible Packaging for pet food packaging.      

Structure of Pet Food Packaging at Kamakshi Flexiprints

  • PET + PE
  • PE + PE
  • PET + MPET + PE
  • PET + Alu Foil + PE
  • PET + Alu Foil + PET +PE
  • PET + Alu Foil + BOPA + PE

Key Technology Used for Pet Food Packaging at Kamakshi Flexiprints

  1. Low solvent retention to avoid Pets rejecting the content-packed.
  2. The right selection of Inks and Adhesives.
  3. The capability of the Drying Chamber to maintain low Solvent Retention
  4. The capability of the drying chamber of the Printing Machine to maintain low solvent retention. (Double drying hood)

As a total-packaging solutions provider, Kamakshi packaging has been offering high-quality gravure printing, lamination, slitting and converting for over three decades. For all your custom pet food packaging requirements, you can get in touch with experts at Kamakshi Flexiprints