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The Growth Of The Flexible Packaging Industry In Recent Years

An industry that has been valued at over USD 233.32 billion in 2020 and is projected to be worth USD 300.18 billion by 2026, the Flexible Packaging Industry has taken the packaging industry by storm. From FMCG to construction to the medical industry, flexible packaging is the preferred choice for every industry due to its salient features. Adding to that, pandemic played a vital role in the growth of this industry. Here’s an overview of what has led to the growth of the Flexible Packaging industry in recent years.

Reasons for Growth of Flexible Packaging Industry

1. Lifestyle 

  • With the evolving technology and fast-paced lifestyle that we live, from food to our morning coffee we need everything on the go. This has led to the increasing demand for flexible packaging. Over 49% of flexible packaging product is used by the e-commerce industry, as today we order literally everything online. 

2. The FCMG wave

  • Along with the flexible packaging industry, the FCMG industry is growing at an alarming rate. As people have started prioritizing safety over everything, they have retorted to ready-to-eat and instant food more than ever. As the Flexible packaging options available for food packaging are safe, reusable, sterile and offer branding opportunities too, they are gaining popularity amongst brands as well as consumers.

3. Sustainability

  • From brand owners to consumers to manufacturers, today everyone is playing their part towards a sustainable tomorrow. Research has proven that even consumers prefer packaging that is sustainable and that’s why people opt for flexible packaging as compared to rigid packaging.

4. Cost-effectiveness

  • Flexible packaging has proved to be a certainly cost-effective alternative as compared to rigid packaging. It uses fewer resources and saves energy as well as water. Adding to that, flexible packaging takes up less space while transporting, helping in saving fuels too.

5. Portable and Secure

  • The flexible packaging solutions are compact and consume less space while transporting, offer higher seal strength, durability, higher shelf life as well as are eCommerce friendly. 

6. High product-to-package ratio

  • A measure of material efficiency depends on how much of a product that we sell to the consumer consists of the product and how much of it is in packaging by weight. Flexible packaging provides a quite high product-to-package ratio contributing to environmental sustainability. 

Flexible Packaging Solutions at Kamakshi

Kamakshi has a highly reliable team of professionals who are adept with flexible packaging knowledge. Based on their extensive research and expertise, we offer a varied range of products, that cater to the needs of the clients; be it present or future. We’re essentially focused on developing innovative, sustainable & cost-efficient flexible packaging solutions. We believe in zero-compromise quality and hence all our raw-material providers are internationally acclaimed.

  • Packaging That Leaves a Lasting Impression

          -Customized and Branded Packaging Solutions for Clients 

          -Attractive and Easy to use

  • Smart Solutions for an e-Commerce World

          -Shock-resistant and durable packaging solutions

          -Compact and budget-friendly

  • Smart Sustainability – The Future

         – Environment-friendly and recyclable

         -Reduces production waste 

Working with a diverse range of renowned clientele for almost three decades, Kamakshi has today become a Total Solutions Partner for all packaging needs of its clients. It is well-known for its high-quality standards and competitively valued products. Equipped with a modern infrastructure, Kamakshi serves a gamut of reputed national and international brands in segments like FMCG, Food Grains, Salt, Agro Products, Pharmaceuticals, Retail Apparel, Snacks and Confectionery, Personal & Home Care Products and Couriers. For all your Flexible Packaging needs, you can contact our experts.