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Flexible Packaging Trends for 2022

Flexible packaging is undoubtedly here to stay forever. This industry is growing at an impeccable rate due to its salient features. Cost-effectiveness and increased shelf life of the product are the major driving contributors to the growth of this industry. The demand for packaged food and contactless delivery is more than ever before. This being the reason of FCMG industry covers the largest segment of the Flexible Packaging industry.  

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The Growth of Flexible Packaging in the Last Decade

In the past few years, the Indian packaging market has seen a shift from rigid packaging to flexible packaging. As this packaging gains customers’ attention, is cost-effective, easy to transport and provides extended shelf life, more and more brands are replacing rigid packaging with flexible packaging.

1. Fast-paced Lifestyle

  • In today’s fast-paced lifestyle where we are short on time, flexible packaging is the best choice. It’s easy to use, carry and fits literally everywhere. With the rise of corporate jobs and working professionals, the demand has risen and it has contributed to the growth of Flexible Packaging.

2. Urbanization

  •  Now more and more people are migrating to urban areas for education, job and other purposes. This has led to the rise of supermarkets, shopping malls and other food malls which in end has led to an increase in the need for flexible packaging.

3. Supermarket Chains

  • Post pandemic people are only shopping from places that they trust and are sterile. The supermarket chains have benefitted from this as people are purchasing from them. These supermarkets prefer flexible packaging as they are easy to store, transport, strong, leakproof and take up less storage space.

4. Ecommerce Industry

  • Online shopping is the new normal. And what’s better than flexible packaging to ensure your product reaches safely to your consumer? The rise of the e-commerce era has undoubtedly played a very important role in the growth of flexible packaging in recent years.

Flexible Packaging Trends 2022

In this cut-throat competition of the Flexible Packaging market, to stay ahead of the curve it is extremely important to keep up with the industry trends and adapt them at the earliest. Here’s a round-off of some of the major Flexible packaging trends of 2022.

1. Minimalistic Approach

  • Gone are the days when people used to prefer packaging solutions with literally all the information. Today, everyone looks for packaging that is neat, eye-catchy and to the point. With people always on the run and short on time, they are on the lookout for options that convey the message in the simplest and most understandable manner.

2. Safe and Secure Packaging

  • Right from clothing, footwear, and food to medicines, we purchase anything and everything online. And these purchases are not limited to a region or nation. Ordering from brands across the globe is extremely normal. Hence every brand and consumer prefers a packaging that provides utmost safety, security and sterility to the inner product. Not only that, the packaging is tamper-proof and should be able to withdraw seasonal conditions while transporting overseas.

3. Interactive Packaging

  •  With technology being at the forefront of everything, packaging experts have also been staying a step ahead in including it. To ensure the consumer gets the entire details of the product as well as the brand, QR codes are added to the packaging. This immersive experience caters to both the trends, minimalistic and interactive packaging.

4. Transparency

  • Consumers today are extremely conscious about what they are purchasing. This has led to more and more brands adopting a transparent patch or entirely transparent packaging. These types of packaging help the consumer understand the texture, colour, shape and other features of the product.

5. Sustainable Packaging

  •  Right from business owners to consumers to packaging partners, everyone is looking for sustainable packaging options that cause minimal harm to the environment. Greenfield industrial projects, recyclable materials, and safe inks are paving the way as they are environment-friendly.  

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