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Common Mistakes to Avoid with Standup Pouches

Also known as Doypack, Stand up pouches are a unique kind of flexible packaging solution. The design of these pouches is in such a way that they can stand erect from the bottom for usage, storage and display. Kamakshi is well adept at the art of creating these stand-up pouches of various sizes and shapes, that are the right fit for their customers. These pouches are made of high-performance laminates and materials including PET, Foil,  OPA, PE, OPP, CPP, EVOH and many others.

According to research regarding the market size of the standup pouches by Statista, by 2023, the stand-up pouch market will reach 28.9 billion U.S. dollars.

Standup pouches statistics

Source: Statista

The structure of these pouches is as follows:

  • PET Film + PE Film
  • Foil + PE + PET Film 
  • PET Film + MET PET + PE
  • Polyethylene Films

These pouches offer a variety of applications. But they are widely used for the packaging of food and non-food items, confectionery and biscuits, agrochemicals, seeds, lube oils, tea, milk, ghee, shopping bags & general purpose lamination substrate.

Key Features Of Standup Pouches

The unique distinguishing features that are the reason for the excessive usage of pouches are as follows:

1. Environment Friendly

  • The manufacturing of these pouches uses less energy, and less water as these pouches are sustainable flexible packaging solutions.

2. Strong Branding & Marketing

  • The standup pouches are the perfect branding and marketing materials as we can custom-design and print them as per your brand’s vision.

3. Cost Reduction

  • The production cost of Flexible pouches is comparatively quite low to rigid packaging.

4. Excellent Barrier Properties

  • As these pouches are for liquids, solids and a variety of products, they have excellent barrier properties and seal strength.

5. Product Visibility

  • Stand-up pouches can be designed in a way that there’s certain transparency in the packaging through which it’s easier for people to know what product is inside.

6. High-speed filing

  • The design of these pouches offers easy and more high-speed filling than other pouches.

Which are the Common Mistakes to Avoid with Standup Pouches?

Even though stand-up pouches are widely used, if manufactured in the wrong way can turn out to be a disaster. Here are a few commonly made mistakes in stand-up pouches that should be avoided.

1. Pouch Converting

  • The reason that pouches started ruling the market was their excellent sealing properties and spill-proof seals. The rigid packaging solutions of glass packaging faced problems of breakage and cardboard cartons couldn’t sustain environmental conditions. That’s when spout pouches became the go-to alternative. So, any packaging provider should ensure the sealing is spill-proof, as well as all sides of laminations, are intact.

2. Raw Materials

  • The entire packaging depends on the raw materials that are chosen for it initially. Low-grade raw materials detroit the entire stand-up pouches and the output doesn’t cater to the features it should provide. This might also lead to spoiling the inner product. Hence it’s extremely important to pick good quality raw materials for your standup pouches.

3. Testing

  • A packaging solution provider might have designed the perfect stand-up pouch. But testing ensures that it covers all the requirements the client has. Adding to that, this would also help to know how well it preserves the inner product and how prone it is to transportation and environmental fluctuations. So, testing is a step we can’t afford to skip.


4. Prototyping

  • Every product is unique and has different requirements. Product prototyping helps to ensure if the design, structure, shape and size are suitable or not. Prototypes can help in giving you a clear idea of what exactly works for you, and what doesn’t.


5. Equipment Used

  • A packaging solution provider who is well-versed with the processes and technologies of the industry that the process of filling a pouch is extremely important and it should be taken into consideration while designing the pouch. You can discuss briefly which equipment you use to fill the pouches as it helps you in gauging a clear idea.

6. Innovation-readiness

  • Today technology and industry trends change at just fingertips. You should pick a flexible packaging partner who is well aware of the industry, is ready to adopt the latest technologies and deliver you pouches that are way ahead of the curve.


Spout pouches have been leading the market for a while, and they are in the game for a long run. There will be upgrades and innovations in terms of technology, designs and raw materials, but stand-up pouches will be the go-to flexible packaging material for most of the manufacturers. To get your batch of Flexible Standup pouches, you can in touch with the experts at Kamakshi Flexiprints. We ensure to help our clients in picking the packaging solutions in their entire process, right from day 1.