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A Detailed Guide to Different Types of Flexible Packaging Materials

Flexible pouches are undoubtedly the future. They are currently ruling the flexible packing market and are widely used for their attractive shape and sizes and colours. They also offer a lot of branding opportunities and are easy to use and transport. Here’s a detailed guide to different types of flexible pouches that are widely used. 

1. Standup & Zipper Pouches

  • These pouches as the name suggests can stand upright and are easy to use and place on the shelf. These pouches are the most commonly used and accessible kind of pouches available out of all the flexible pouches. They also have a resealing option on their top making them a sustainable and environment-friendly alternative. The zipper pouches have a ziplock attached that keeps the inner product safe and easy to use.

2. Gusseted Pouches

  • A unique kind of flexible pouch, Gusseted pouches are a more trendy and attractive packaging solution as compared to other pouches. They are also resealable and have a special tab on top to open. A few gusseted pouches also have a transparent patch so the customer can know what the inner product looks like.

3. Re-Usable Pouches

  • Reusable Pouches are used multiple times, often for the purpose of transporting products. It is typically designed for durability, ease of use, ease of cleaning, and ease of repair.

4. 3 Side Seal Bags and Pouches

  • As the name suggests, this kind of flexible packaging pouches has been sealed on 3 sides. To prepare it, the two sheets of material are placed on top of each other and then heat-sealed on three sides. The filling in such pouches can be done from top or bottom wherever a tear-lid is kept in the packaging. 

5.  4 Side Seal Bags

  • 4 side seal bags or quad seal pouches are named for their 2 vertical panels and 2 gussets, which are joined together with four vertical seals. They include seals on all four corners, which gives dimension to the pouch and helps maintain its shape better when filled. This type of bag holds more product and is ideal for packaging heavier products. It also takes up less shelf space and is an eco-conscious choice.

6. Patch Handle Bags

  • The flexible packaging solution that offers ample branding opportunities, patch handle carriers have a reinforced patch glued around the handle of the carrier bag to increase the strength and durability of the handle. They are perfect to promote your brand in whatever business you are in and can also be used for gifting purposes. 

7. Spout Pouches

  • A spout pouch or bag is a very special type of flexible packaging that is also one of the fastest-growing packaging formats. They are extremely versatile and can be easily customised. It is also the new generation in Liquid Packaging technology. They can take your Liquid-based product to the next level of packaging standard. Consumers enjoy the ease of use, flexibility, and appearance of Spout Pouches.

8. Security Bags

  • A security bag is a heavy-duty bag used to contain high-value products or documents or legally sensitive items. Envelopes with security features are called security envelopes as well as security bags. This special kind of flexible packaging is widely used when one wishes to transport their highly-sensitive and important documents to far-fetched places and wishes to ensure their safety.

9. Vacuum Packs

  • A special method in which the air is entirely removed from the inner packaging before it is sealed is known as vacuum packaging. It is a modified atmosphere packaging and reduces the space the packaging consumes. The need for Vacuum Pouches to get an extended shelf life of food products without adversely affecting their quality. It is an effective way to prevent the spoilage of food.

10. Retort packs

  • This special type of food packaging solution is made from a laminate of flexible plastic and metal foils. These retort pouches allow the sterile packaging of a wide variety of FMCG products and ensure no chemical contamination occurs to the inner products.

11. Pillow Pouches

  • These packaging pouches have been running the longest in the market and are one of the most affordable pouches. It offers resealable and non-resalable and looks like a pillow too as the name suggests. They are also known as Pillow Pouches, Back or T-Seal Pouches and have a centre seal at the back that extends to the end of the pouch where it meets the top and bottom.

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